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Eastbourne Hackney taxi drivers are independent taxi drivers licenced for hackney taxi service booking from Eastbourne. Professional and reliable taxi drivers are ready for you to hail on demand. Flag down a white taxi or book  a taxi ride in advance using the Freenow booking app. Our experienced drivers will ensure you get where you need to go safely.

Our Mission

To provide an excellent standard of service to the travelling public.

To nurture and develop relationships between association members.

To facilitate communication between association members and our industry partners on important issues.

Adding Value for the travelling public

We recognise that the "Travelling Public" is our most precious asset.


Working together through EHTA we collectively improve our services and value to our offering.


As independent taxi drivers, we have each invested substantially in operating our individual businesses.


Our shared collaboration through EHTA as an association allows us to for a consensus on important issues.



British Pound Coins

Association  Membership

Eastbourne Hackney Taxi Association membership is currently free and limited to Eastbourne hackney plate holders and Eastbourne hackney drivers. 



EHTA was formed to create a space where Eastbourne Hackney Taxi Drivers can share ideas and concerns.


An association is a direct reflection of its members. Before you ask what you can get out of joining the association, perhaps you will be prepared to consider what you can do for the association. Here we can vote together on important issues. In this way, we can reach agreements through team effort.


To achieve change, we need to work together as a team and see each other as partners. Be part of the solution with EHTA. 

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