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EHTA web hosting

EHTA web hosting and emails costs 2022 / 2023

Domain 2022                    £28.15  

Website 2022                    £151.00

EMAIL CAMPAIGNS        £66.88

Domain  2023/25              £39.78 

Website 2023/24               £302.00

Total                                   £584.81

To help me cover these costs please make a small donation of £20.00 using the payment link below.


If you insert your email address you will automatically receive a receipt. I trust that the successful negotiation of the fare increase and various other issues successfully achieved in 2022, will justify making this small contribution to the running costs of EHTA.



Image by Patrick Langwallner

Your support will mean that the material costs of the website are shared.

The total donated towards these and future costs will be updated below.

Donations received to 24/07/2022 £20.00

Target amount  £584.81

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